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European Shambhala Calendar

09 Sep 17Gewaltfreie KommunikationBern
28 Sep 17Traditional Chinese Qigong - Tendon Changing / Marrow Washing and Animal Forms Dechen Chöling
07 Oct 17The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness - Silent retreatDechen Chöling
28 Oct 17Qi Gong #1 & 2 Berlin
04 Nov 17Yoga & Writing RetreatDechen Chöling
24 Nov 17Traditional Chinese Qigong Retreat (levels 1 & 2)Dechen Chöling
26 Nov 17Traditional Chinese Qigong Retreat (level 3)Dechen Chöling
08 Dec 17QiGong Poziom 3 / QiGong Level 3Szczecin
26 Mar 18Embodying the Tao in Your Qigong PracticeDechen Chöling