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Becoming a Member of Shambhala

Becoming a member of Shambhala is a statement about your personal inspiration, curiosity, and commitment to the path of awakening. Many of us, once we begin to feel a connection to Shambhala, want to know: What's involved in becoming a member? How can I support Shambhala? Membership is a commitment to strengthening our support of the Shambhala vision through meditation practice, financial giving, and service.

There are two ways to become a member of Shambhala. Most people become members through their local Shambhala Centre or group. For those who do not live in geographical proximity to a Shambhala Centre or group, there is the option to become a direct member of Shambhala Europe. In either case, one becomes a member of an international network of individuals dedicated to increasing compassion, sanity and human dignity in this world.

Shambhala membership involves committing to three main responsibilities:

  • That we maintain a regular practice of meditation in our own lives, including having regular contact with a meditation instructor

  • That we are willing to help our Shambhala community by taking part in organizing programmes or evening events, hosting open evenings, acting as timekeeper, greeting visitors, participating in community events, etc.
  • That we support the community through regular financial contributions. This can be any amount from 100 euros per month to 5 per month, depending on income and ability. It is the membership dues, along with programme income, that support the local centre.


The Benefits of Membership

Personal benefits of membership can be felt in the support that membership gives to one's meditation practice, including an ongoing relationship with a meditation instructor; a shared sense of purpose in working together; a sense of community in practising, studying, and celebrating, and in working together to spread the Shambhala teachings.

Other benefits include: programme fee reductions; regular newsletters from your local centre, Shambhala Europe, and Shambhala International; invitations to community social and cultural events; and access to the member sections of the local centre and Shambhala Europe websites. If you are already a member, you can request a password for these by clicking here.

For further details on membership, you can talk to your meditation instructor or centre coordinator. If there is no Shambhala centre or group near you, you can become a direct member of Shambhala Europe. Please contact [email protected] for more information on how to do that.

If you would like to financially support the work of Shambhala Europe with or without becoming a member, you can find out how to do that by clicking here.

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