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"In essence, the emphasis of the Buddhist path is to help us attain enlightenment, and the emphasis of the Shambhala path is help us create and maintain a good society. When we put these two together, we have the Shambhalian Buddhist view of enlightened society."

—Sakyong Mipham


The Shambhala community represents a group of people who are working with the Buddhist and Shambhala teachings to lead dignified and kind lives. Our community is not trying to manifest some kind of utopian ideal - rather we work genuinely with who and what we are. This means we try to work with our practice, and also genuinely acknowledge our confusion and our neurosis. It is not a "love and light " community - we experience each others' sharp edges regularly.

Shambhala is a global community. There are more than 170 centres and groups around the world, as well as thousands of individual members. Shambhala Meditation Centres offer courses in meditation and other contemplative arts and disciplines, and also host community gatherings, celebrations, and family events. In community life, we endeavor to put into practice the principles of courage and compassion. This helps us to experience daily life as a constant opportunity for spiritual practice and social service.

At Shambhala Meditation Centres, we offer a comprehensive path of meditation practice and study. This path leads to the cultivation of personal qualities beneficial in daily life and in service to others.

Diverse community photoIn Shambhala, we strive to foster a welcoming atmosphere free of prejudice and to develop an inclusive and enlightened society with facilities fully accessible to all persons. Although some of our programs and events are open only to those who have fulfilled certain prerequisites, everyone is welcome at our centre regardless of religion, spiritual tradition or teachers, path of practice, opinions, class, nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, language, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical, perceptual or mental abilities. Our Meditation Centres and Groups around the world are committed to creating a practice, study, and work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

Commitment to Meditation

Working with who and what we are in our community expresses itself in the students' commitment to an ongoing practice of meditation, working with other contemplative disciplines, sharing our experiences of bringing warriorship into our lives, and supporting each other.

We meet regularly to sit together in meditation, at evening events in the centes, on weekends for Weekend Programmes, and in longer retreats. Sometimes we help to organize the programmes together; at other times we just participate together. We practice our contemplative disciplines and try to work with our daily lives and help others. More about community activites...


Those who are interested may become members. Membership is an expression of commitment to our meditation practice, and also to supporting the community. Membership also involves a financial commitment to the centre or group to help support the activities. Membership is entirely voluntary. More about membership...

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