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Shambhala Centres and Groups

Over 85 Shambhala Centres located throughout the world (18 throughout Europe) provide a common ground education, practice, and training in Shambhala Buddhism, service, and contemplative arts and disciplines. More specifically, we offer:

  • Group meditation practice
  • Shambhala Buddhist educational and practice programmes
  • Shambhala Training events and programmes
  • The practice of contemplative arts and disciplines, kyudo and ikebana
  • Cultural events, including community gatherings, celebration of holidays, weddings, funerals
  • Youth gatherings and festivals
  • Celebrations with families and children

Shambhala Day celebration (photo taken in Toronto) At the heart of Shambhala is meditation. Likewise, the heart of each Shambhala Centre is the meditation hall, where students practice the core discipline of meditation. The meditation hall offers an open and safe space for practice, instruction and community gatherings. A Shambhala Centre is also home to arts and disciplines such as flower arranging, bowmanship, and photography.

Members and friends form a diverse and caring community committed to developing our human potential. At Shambhala, one has to the opportunity to learn to create and live in a more enlightened society. We explore creating such a society through leadership practice and teachings, coordinating and running classes and events together, and through other highly-developed service disciplines, such as the Dorje Kasung practice of protector principle.

Learning to meditate at a Shambhala Centre carries no obligations - financial or otherwise. Membership is optional and open to those who commit to practicing meditation, wish to support the Centre financially, and volunteer their energies in the service of others.

Find a Shambhala Centre in Europe, or click here to see a map of Shambhala Centres worldwide.

Shambhala Meditation Groups

Shambhala Centres evolve from Shambhala Meditation Groups, which are smaller collections of members and friends who form a diverse and caring community committed to developing our human potential. Groups range in size from 3-30 individuals who often meet in rented spaces once or twice per week. There are currently another 135 Shambhala Groups throughout the world (over 50 in Europe). Groups cannot offer the full-range of services that a Centre can, but they all offer meditation and some educational opportunities and a sense of community.

Shambhala Retreat Centre

Dechen Chöling, which is Tibetan and means "Place of Great Bliss", is our Shambhala Land Centre in France. We offer 1-4 week meditation retreats, art programmes, Body & Mind retreats and community events. Find out more online here.

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