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About Shambhala Europe

Shambhala Europe is now a mandala of over 70 centres  and groups , with over 1500 members. Shambhala Europe serves as both the governance seat of Shambhala in Europe, representing Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and as an organisation to help centres and  groups with all manner of help and support for their local operations.

The seat of Shambhala Europe is the Kalapa Centre, located in Cologne, Germany. The Kalapa Centre holds the offices of Shambhala Europe, the official European seat of the Sakyong (called the Tenno Room), the UPAYA training organization, and the Shambhala Meditation Centre of Cologne. It also functions as a local Shambhala Centre and hosts local and international programmes, trainings, and special events.

Shambhala Europe is available by phone or mail to give advice on any matter that arises in the activities of groups or practitioners. Simply contact us.

Shambhala Europe also serves as the central reference point for members who are part of the Shambhala mandala in Europe but are not geographically close to a centre or group. If you wish to become a direct member of Shambhala Europe, contact [email protected].


If you are coming to the Kalapa Centre from out of town, click here for a list of hotels and hostels in the area.

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